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Simple Witness Node Setup

You can earn BRAVO passively by running a witness node that is elected into the Top 50 nodes list.  We have simplified this process by creating an automated setup script for novice users.


  1. Linux VPS running Ubuntu 16.0.4 LTS with 4GB RAM and minimum 20GB space .  There are lots of providers that offer this service.  Some of the more popular choices are Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Vultr, and Linode (~$20 / mo)
  2. Latest version of BravoCoin installed for iOS or Android.
  3. 3500 BRAVO in your wallet to ensure a Top 20 Witness Node position (less BRAVO is needed for positions 21-50, however those positions also earn less).  Amount of BRAVO required can fluctuate if competition increases for node positions.
  4. A “Witness URL” which details why you are a good candidate to run a Witness Node.  This URL can be a custom webpage or public Twitter or Facebook URL.

Step 1: Purchase and login to your new Linux VPS

There are a few different methods to connect to your new VPS depending on the provider selected.  If web console access is not supported, you will need to connect using SSH.  Mac OS has a built in SSH client, while a popular choice for Windows is PuTTY.

Step 2:  Download the Simple Witness Node Setup script:

We’re going to use the program ‘wget’ to save the setup script to your Linux VPS.  Run the following command:

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bravo-project/swns/master/setup ; chmod u+x setup

Step 3:  Run the Simple Witness Node Setup script:

Now that the setup script is downloaded, let’s run it:


Once you see the on-screen menu, choose option 1 – Setup Witness Node.

You will be asked a couple of questions such as your BRAVO username and for your private active key (located in the keys section of your profile in the BravoCoin app).

After you answer those questions the node software will automatically be downloaded, configured, and started.

Step 4:  Verify Witness Node is Running:

Let’s verify everything is running and looking ok!

Press any key to return to the main menu, and let’s choose option 3 (View Logs) to ensure we are syncing the blockchain.

You should see a lot of text scrolling by, but what you’re looking for are messages that say something to the tune of

Syncing Blockchain --- Got block: #60000 time: 2018-11-20-T02:04:00

The # may differ from the example above depending upon how much of the blockchain you have synced/downloaded thus far.

You may also see the following messages until the blockchain is fully synced:

witness_plugin.cpp:553 block_production_loo ] Not producing block because production is disabled until we receive a recent block (see: --enable-stale-production)

Step 5:  Enable Witness Node in App

Now that your node is syncing, we can enable the Witness Node function in the BravoCoin App so that you can start receiving BRAVO rewards for producing blocks!

Navigate to Settings, and toggle on Enable Witness Mode.  Click ok that you have followed the instructions here, and enter in your Witness URL from the Requirements section at the top of this page.

Congratulations!  You will now sign and cast your first vote for yourself as a new Witness Node!

A “Vote for Witness” button will now appear when others view your profile.  The more votes you can get, the higher up in the node list you will advance.