What is voting power, and how does it work? – BravoCoin

What is voting power, and how does it work?


You may have noticed the following “voting power” bar in your profile, or when you view other user profiles.

The voting system in Bravo is a weighted algorithm. The more BRAVO you hold in your wallet, the more your vote is worth, and subsequently the more BRAVO you will earn for rewards. Your voting power affects how much your vote weight is worth. The more you vote the more your voting power is reduced, until the point where it has no weight left.

This makes your votes most powerful when your voting power is full, with each vote afterwards worth slightly less.  Voting power gradually rebuilds itself over 5 days.  You can vote about 25 times in a day before your voting power is depleted to the point where it doesn’t doesn’t hold much weight and cannot replenish faster than it is being depleted.  A general rule of thumb is to try to keep it above 50% to maximize your rewards.