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How to Upgrade from TestFlight BravoCoin Version to App Store Version

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Now that we have our official BravoCoin versions available in the iOS App Store, our loyal beta testing users currently running the TestFlight version are encouraged to upgrade.  This process is pretty straight forward, but we wanted to provide a step by step how to to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible 🙂

Step 1: Download App Store Version of Bravo


Download and install the latest version of Bravo from the iOS App Store.

Make sure you don’t delete your previous TestFlight version! We will need to keep this older version installed temporarily so we can copy and export our master password into the new version.

If you lose or don’t have access to your master password, you will not be able access to your account and all associated content, rewards, funds, etc associated with it on the blockchain.

Bravo does not store a copy of your private keys or master password on our servers.


Step 2: Access Key Vault from TestFlight Version

Open your TestFlight version of BravoCoin, and navigate to the following screen as shown in the screenshot:

Profile -> Keys

Tap keys.

You will be prompted for the key vault password you initially set during install.


Step 3: Copy Master Password from TestFlight Key Vault

Enter your key vault password when prompted.

If you successfully entered the correct password, you will be presented with your private keys and master password.

Click the “copy” button at the top right next to your master password as shown in the screenshot.

This is the password we will need when importing into the App Store version.


Step 4: Login to App Store Version of Bravo

Minimize or close the TestFlight version and launch the newer App Store version of Bravo.

When you first launch, you will be presented with the new user signup screen.  Since you’re an existing user, you can click the ‘X’ in the top right corner to bypass signup.

This will log you in temporarily as a guest.

Now tap the profile icon and you will be presented with the login screen.

Login using your existing credentials you created when you first signed up for the TestFlight version.


Step 5: Access Key Vault in App Store Version

Once logged in, we will be navigating to the keys section again in your profile:

Profile -> Keys

Tap the keys option.

Enter your key vault password that was initially set during the TestFlight install version.  This will allow us to import our existing master password and private keys.


Step 6: Import Master Password in App Store Version

Once you are in the key vault screen you will have an option at the top right to import.

Tap this and paste your master password we copied from the TestFlight version.

Tap verify.

If you correctly entered your master password, you should see all your previous keys imported.


Step 7: Start Reviewing and Earning Bravo!

You’re all set to start earning Bravo on the newest App Store version!


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