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Referral bonuses are paid out manually every 5-7 business days after first being reviewed.
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Currently there are 5 different ways to obtain BRAVO.

  1. Earn it by leaving high quality reviews (Author Rewards)
  2. Earn it by upvoting other high quality community member reviews (Curation Rewards)
  3. Earn it by leaving constructive comments/replies for existing reviews (Author Rewards)
  4. Earn it passively by running a witness node on the Bravo network
  5. Buy it on an exchange such as Altilly or Sistemkoin or through our real-time shapeshifter


Category: Rewards

You may notice the amount of BRAVO shown in the app can fluctuate with votes and over time.  This is the estimated amount of BRAVO that you will receive.  To understand the reason why this value fluctuates, one needs to first understand how the Bravo rewards system pays its users.

All rewards that are paid to users on the Bravo platform come from a shared pool that is sliced up accordingly at the end of a “cash out window” period (currently set to 7 days).

For math’s sake, let’s break this down with an easy example:

1.  Let’s say there is 100 BRAVO in the shared pool of rewards for all users to earn during this specific cash out window.
2.  10 reviews are posted during this time.
3.  All 10 reviews earn exactly equal voting from all parties/users involved.

If this was possible, all 10 reviews would equally split the 100 BRAVO reward and each earn 10 BRAVO a piece.  Unfortunately this isn’t a realistic scenario, and as more and more reviews, posts, comments, votes, etc are constantly submitted, they are also contending and vowing for a piece of the shared BRAVO rewards pool.

Category: Rewards

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