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Private Keys & Master Passwords

Did you take a backup of your master password as instructed during installation, or did you backup your private keys separately at any point in time?  If yes we can help, and you can easily re-install the Bravo app and import your master password or private keys to restore your account. If you didn’t backup your master password or private keys unfortunately we are unable to help you.  For security purposes we don’t store your private keys or master password on our servers.

There are 4 keys associated with graphene blockchains:

  1. Owner
  2. Active
  3. Posting
  4. Memo

Each key has different permissions associated with the blockchain (something we will touch upon in a later blog post).  Your master password is a hash value of all 4 of those keys put together.  This allows for easy restoration of an account and all associated keys with just one password.

Bravo does not store a copy of your private keys or master password on its servers to access the blockchain. Loss of this master password will result in failure to access your account, funds, rewards, tokens, and all associated account history on the blockchain.

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