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Sending BRAVO is slightly different than what most are used to with traditional coins and wallets.



Please see the screenshot below for the proper way to send BRAVO to an exchange:

Note:  When sending BRAVO from an exchange back to your wallet, you don’t need the memo field and can simply send it to your username.

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We are currently trading on Altilly and Sistemkoin and are also working with other exchanges to increase BRAVO listings. As more exchanges are brought on, we will update this list.

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Posting / Voting / Commenting

Plagiarism is the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.  Bravo is a community platform, and only our users can make it the best review platform out there!  The Bravo network is dedicated to ensure that all reviews on the platform are legitimate and unique, and has put forth code to ensure this is the case.  If you try to present a review as your own and it is detected as copied or plagiarized content, you will receive a warning, followed by a ban for any subsequent violations.






You may have noticed the following “voting power” bar in your profile, or when you view other user profiles.

The voting system in Bravo is a weighted algorithm. The more BRAVO you hold in your wallet, the more your vote is worth, and subsequently the more BRAVO you will earn for rewards. Your voting power affects how much your vote weight is worth. The more you vote the more your voting power is reduced, until the point where it has no weight left.

This makes your votes most powerful when your voting power is full, with each vote afterwards worth slightly less.  Voting power gradually rebuilds itself over 5 days.  You can vote about 25 times in a day before your voting power is depleted to the point where it doesn’t doesn’t hold much weight and cannot replenish faster than it is being depleted.  A general rule of thumb is to try to keep it above 50% to maximize your rewards.

Private Keys & Master Passwords

Did you take a backup of your master password as instructed during installation, or did you backup your private keys separately at any point in time?  If yes we can help, and you can easily re-install the Bravo app and import your master password or private keys to restore your account.

If you didn’t backup your master password or private keys unfortunately we are unable to help you.  For security purposes we don’t store your private keys or master password on our servers.

There are 4 keys associated with graphene blockchains:

  1. Owner
  2. Active
  3. Posting
  4. Memo

Each key has different permissions associated with the blockchain (something we will touch upon in a later blog post).  Your master password is a hash value of all 4 of those keys put together.  This allows for easy restoration of an account and all associated keys with just one password.

Bravo does not store a copy of your private keys or master password on its servers to access the blockchain. Loss of this master password will result in failure to access your account, funds, rewards, tokens, and all associated account history on the blockchain.


Referral bonuses are paid out manually every 5-7 business days after first being reviewed.

Category: Rewards

Currently there are 5 different ways to obtain BRAVO.

  1. Earn it by leaving high quality reviews (Author Rewards)
  2. Earn it by upvoting other high quality community member reviews (Curation Rewards)
  3. Earn it by leaving constructive comments/replies for existing reviews (Author Rewards)
  4. Earn it passively by running a witness node on the Bravo network
  5. Buy it on an exchange such as Altilly or Sistemkoin or through our real-time shapeshifter


Category: Rewards

You may notice the amount of BRAVO shown in the app can fluctuate with votes and over time.  This is the estimated amount of BRAVO that you will receive.  To understand the reason why this value fluctuates, one needs to first understand how the Bravo rewards system pays its users.

All rewards that are paid to users on the Bravo platform come from a shared pool that is sliced up accordingly at the end of a “cash out window” period (currently set to 7 days).

For math’s sake, let’s break this down with an easy example:

1.  Let’s say there is 100 BRAVO in the shared pool of rewards for all users to earn during this specific cash out window.
2.  10 reviews are posted during this time.
3.  All 10 reviews earn exactly equal voting from all parties/users involved.

If this was possible, all 10 reviews would equally split the 100 BRAVO reward and each earn 10 BRAVO a piece.  Unfortunately this isn’t a realistic scenario, and as more and more reviews, posts, comments, votes, etc are constantly submitted, they are also contending and vowing for a piece of the shared BRAVO rewards pool.

Category: Rewards


As Bravo is a proof-of-stake platform, we require all Bravo users to maintain a minimum of 10.000 BRAVO in their wallet at all times to ensure a positive user experience and continued blockchain functionality.  Just ensure you have a minimum of 10.000 BRAVO in your wallet, and you can send out anything above that if you choose to.

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All earned BRAVO is sent to your rewards wallet located in your profile.



Once in the wallet screen, if BRAVO is available to claim, you should see the following button present:




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