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BravoCoin iOS Has Graduated from TestFlight to Live App Store!

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Today we are proud to announce that BravoCoin has graduated from the Apple TestFlight App Store, and has moved into the official Apple App Store!  You can download the official version (1.03) from the following App Store link:

Download BravoCoin 1.03 for iOS

The previous TestFlight still works and was connecting to mainnet, but we advise all users to upgrade to ensure latest code is present.  If you are a current TestFlight user, the process to switch over to the main App Store version is very simple!

Steps to Convert from TestFlight to App Store Version of BravoCoin:

  1. Retain your TestFlight version of BravoCoin for now.   Don’t delete it yet!  We will be using it to transfer over your private keys.
  2. Download and install the official App Store version – BravoCoin 1.03 for iOS
  3. Launch the new official App Store version, but click the ‘X’ button to cancel new user registration.
  4. Agree to notifications and location settings.
  5. Click the profile button to log back in.
  6. Enter your credentials from TestFlight account (email/password)
  7. Minimize the App Store version of BravoCoin, and load the TestFlight version.
  8. Navigate to Profile -> Keys on TestFlight version
  9. Enter your key vault password when prompted.
  10. Copy your master password from the next screen at the very top.
  11. Maximize your App Store version
  12. Navigate to Profile -> Keys on App Store version
  13. Tap  “Import” button.
  14. Paste your master password into the input box.
  15. If you don’t see any errors, and your private keys are now showing you are all done!
  16. Start reviewing and earning BRAVOCOIN!

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